United Bros. Studios returns to the billboards of Cairo, bringing El Kenz sequel to the theaters to entertain us this summer, adding mystery, drama and adventure to our Eid al-Adha outings, just like they did on the first part of the movie on an OOH campaign.

The ancient Egyptian deserts atmosphere can be seen in the visuals’ nature, colors and tones, showing the stars of the movie such as Mohamed Ramadan, Ruby, Ahmed Malek, Hend Sabry and Mohamed Saad on a brownish background of old Cairo, wearing the customs of different eras, accompanying Hassan in his journey of finding his buried treasure. As for the ad copy, it states “El Kenz”, “Part 2”, adding the title of this part “Love and destiny” under it we find the movie’s credits.

Appearing during the first week of August, the campaign uses uni-poles and double-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

El Kenz 2: Love and destiny wait for you this Eid-00
El Kenz 2: Love and destiny wait for you this Eid-00

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