Telecom Egypt brings youth, summer vibes and positivity to Cairo’s billboards with their OOH campaign for WE, walking at a relatively steady outdoor strategy, following their latest OOH campaign for WE space in exactly a month.

The visuals include a group of stars such as Ruby, Khaled Anwar, Asma Abulyazeid and more, decorating the billboards and hanging out on a super-fancy yacht, having the times of their lives with an ad copy that strengths the whole positive vibes idea “Why wait? Be happy… live life”, “Before anyone”. Another visual has parts of the yacht, in addition to the great view of the sunrise to remind you that good things are on their way to us. The bottom space includes their contacts for any further information.

The campaign was spotted during the last week of July, using double-decker poles, mega-signs and uni-poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

WE thrills by “Before anyone” with their ambassadors-00
WE thrills by “Before anyone” with their ambassadors-00

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