After shutting their services in Egypt following to their last outdoor campaign, Spanish start-up home delivery app Glovo decides to resume their services in Egypt again, making a U-turn from this huge decision, with a new OOH campaign to reinforce the brand one more time on the billboards of our beloved Greater Cairo.

To introduce or refresh your memories about the app, Glovo was founded in Barcelona 2015, you can use it to purchase, deliver or pick up any product of your choice to your doorstep; usually the courier uses a bicycle to deliver your goods. 

Going back to our main focus; the visuals show a white brick wall with a courier riding a bike and a package that is carrying various consumer goods; with the mobile app displayed and an ad copy that states to viewers that “We will get you anything from anywhere”; with a CTA at the bottom space, asking you to download the app through your preferable store whether its App Store or Google Play.

The campaign was launched during the third week of July, using serials of uni-poles, double-deckers, billboards and butterfly Quattro-deckers on the roads of Greater Cairo. We are still expecting the campaign to keep spreading more.

Glovo makes a U-turn from their controversial decision-00
Glovo makes a U-turn from their controversial decision-00

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