After announcing their presence in stadiums with an out-of-home campaign in June, global fast food restaurant chain KFC has been keeping a successful streak on the billboards of Cairo that started since the beginning of 2019; the brand has an ongoing OOH strategy bringing us new meals every month; now they are promoting their Super Dinner Combo with an outdoor campaign.

The visuals show a calming and clear blue sky, with palm tree leaves appearing on the corners, totally giving us summer vibes; the meal is laid out on a wooden bench, showing every detail in its delicious components. As for the ad copy, it introduces the name of the meal in large red fonts “Super Dinner Combo” with their message “Super in taste … Super in size”; at the bottom we can find the logo of KFC with a CTA to viewers to order from their website or call their hotline.

Spotted during the third week of July, the campaign uses uni-poles and double-decker poles in multiple locations across the roads of Greater Cairo.  

KFC offers a meal that is “Super in taste … Super in size”-00
KFC offers a meal that is “Super in taste … Super in size”-00

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