Following their teaser campaign earlier in July, Finnish multinational electronics company Nokia continues to stay on the billboards of Cairo to reveal their new mobile device Nokia 3.2 with an OOH campaign.

Using in the visuals their branded white backgrounds with the phone displayed on it, showing its front and rear sides, giving viewers a full view of its smooth design and big screen. The ad copy appears in a green box in the center of the ad, showing-off with the stunning features the device has “Bigger screen and smarter battery”, “A phone that always evolves”; the bottom space shows more features such as “Biometric face unlocking”, “A big 6.26” HD+ screen”, “Latest Android system, updatable for two years” and “A battery that lasts up to 2 days”; impressive features that anyone would like to have!

The device was revealed during the second week of July, replacing their previous locations and expanding on serials and butterfly triple-decker poles in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Nokia reveals their newest device Nokia 3.2-00
Nokia reveals their newest device Nokia 3.2-00

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