After celebrating Mother’s Day back in March with an OOH campaign, Jumia is back to promote two of their home appliances brands Konka Group Co. and Hoho Electrical & Furniture Co. for the first time.

“Since 1980”, Chinese consumer electronics brand Konka is conquering the home appliances world with their multiple products, this time promoting their TV screens to add more entertainment to your life. The visuals display their big screen on a white background, next to it a guy who seems to have fun scoring a goal. As for the ad copy, it says “You won’t leave your home” adding that “The art is within the design”. Another visual to let people know the brand more is displayed on a white background, adding only the logo of Konka in red, in addition to an ad copy that says "TV screen with an 8k 75-inch screen, using artificial intelligence technology", displayed on a background of an ancient building and a transparent screen in front of it. The bottom space includes Jumia's as its official outlet. 

As for the Egyptian brand Hoho, Jumia is promoting their “UHD smart screen” with the same master slogan and a football stadium to encourage football fans to purchase the TV. The visuals creatively show the fully transparent screen as a goal area and a guy who’s trying to score. Another visual has the brand’s name on a white background with Hoho’s logo and their tagline “Live electric” and an ad copy that says “A TV that anybody can afford”. The bottom space includes the advertiser’s logo.

Using double-decker poles and uni-poles, the campaign started to pop during the second week of July in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Jumia brings Konka and Hoho to the billboards of Cairo-00
Jumia brings Konka and Hoho to the billboards of Cairo-00

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