Egyptian crystal manufacturer Asfour Crystal returns to the OOH scene after disappearing for a year since their last outdoor campaign; bringing you exclusive offers and discounts on their chandlers and crystals.

The visuals show in the backgrounds white curtains, featuring different models of their luxurious chandlers;  parallel to it, another ad that has a black background and golden chandlers, which automatically give a sense of elegance and royalty; as for the ad copy, it announces to viewers “Sales up to 30% from Asfour Crystal”, as it also shows their website URL and hotline for further information. 

The campaign surfaced on the roads during the second week of July, using serials of double-decker pole, uni-pole, and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Asfour Crystal brings elegance to the billboards-00
Asfour Crystal brings elegance to the billboards-00

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