Egyptian real estate developer Upturn Developments that is based in 5th Settlement, hits the roads of Cairo with a new OOH campaign, changing their previous logo and bringing us their new rebranded logo.

The visuals are sliced into two symmetric parts, one part has the royal blue color as a background and the other part focuses on the blue color with stairs and their shadows; other visuals appear to be symmetrical as well giving a sense of different dimensions with a well-balanced design. The rebranded logo appears in the center of the ad with the ad copy which represents the name of the advertiser “Upturn Developments”, location “New Cairo” and the slogan appears at the bottom space “Luxury and beyond..”; and parallel to it their hotline for more inquiries.

The campaign was seen during the second week of July, using uni-poles and double-decker in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Upturn Developments surprises us with a rebranded logo-00
Upturn Developments surprises us with a rebranded logo-00

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