After appearing in Al Hadaba bottle outdoor campaign, PepsiCo brings back Mirinda, one of its leading soft drink brands to the billboards of Cairo with an OOH campaign to announce its new thrilling flavor.

Using in the background the red color and illustrated pieces of watermelon that refresh our bodies in summer heat; the rebranded can appears in the center of the ad; it is perfectly sliced into two parts, one to signify the watermelon flavor and the other one to signify the cantaloupe flavor. Parallel to it another visual that has a buttery background with illustrated pieces of cantaloupe; this brings us to the ad copy that both ads share “Mirinda Magic”, along with a question to viewers “Watermelon?” or “Cantaloupe?” also informing that it is for a “Limited period”.

The campaign was launched during the second week of July, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and mega signs in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Mirinda Magic introduces new refreshing flavors-00
Mirinda Magic introduces new refreshing flavors-00

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