Medical institution H-P Hospital Group has launched a new OOH campaign to promote and reinforce their private hospital Katameya Clinic Hospital that is located in the 5th Settlement.

Featuring in the visuals the hospital with the night sky and a celestial globe; the logo of the hospital appears at the top left corner and under it their slogan appears “Inspired care”, this takes us to other copies and messages the advertiser wants to deliver to viewers which are “The difference… Providing care all the time”, “An integrated hospital for 24 hours”. Parallel to it another visual that shows three doctors with a blue background and the same celestial globe; the ad copy informs viewers "The difference... the professionality of those who take care of you" and another one telling viewers "Distinguished team of senior doctors in all specialties"; both ads share the same copies in the bottom space, we can find a few more messages “Emergency for 24 hours”, “All specialties” along with the logo of the advertiser, location and hotline.

The campaign was seen during the second week of July, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in different locations across our beloved Greater Cairo.

Katameya Clinic Hospital will take care of you 24/7-00
Katameya Clinic Hospital will take care of you 24/7-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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