After a long disappearance from the OOH market, car dealer Kasrawy Group returns with a new out-of-home campaign to announce their dealership with a newly signed brand, the French car manufacturer Citroën.

The visuals simply use white backgrounds, and the logo of the advertiser appears on the left side with different figures of a man and woman doing business together; as for the ad copy, it has their messages to viewers “The next level of trust”, "The next level of quality", "The next level of value" and under it appears their announcement “Citroën with Kasrawy”, lastly the logos of the car dealer and the newly signed brand are shown right under the ad copy.

Spotted during the second week of July, the campaign uses serials of uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Kasrawy Group announces their dealership with Citroën-00
Kasrawy Group announces their dealership with Citroën-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: Kasrawy Group

Advertiser: Kasrawy Group

OOH Size: Double-decker Pole | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Citroën

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