In the very heart of Sidi Abdelrahman Bay, North Coast, the vacation project Bo Island is brought to you by prime real estate developer Maxim Developments, after their latest outdoor campaign to reinforce the same project in 2018.

Summertime is here and all Bo Island’s visuals reflect the warming sun vibes and the sea’s calming baby blue color to display a serial of real shots of their modern buildings in a frame, while the ad copy says “We speak real” next to it is their hotline for any information. The upper left side has the project’s logo, while the right side has the developer’s. Another visual with the same bright background and the developer’s logo in a huge font “Maxim Developments”, “Islands, waterfront homes”, “Sands, the lagoons life”, “Med, the Mediterranean life” and “The hub”.

Appeared during the first week of July, the campaign is displayed on Quattro double-decker poles, double-decker poles, billboards and flags in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Maxim Developments speaks real with Bo Islands-00
Maxim Developments speaks real with Bo Islands-00

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