Just as we promised to cover the OOH campaigns of the brands that shined and ignited the billboards of our beloved Greater Cairo; after bringing you part 1 two weeks ago, we now present to you the rest of the campaigns that were spotted on the roads; from brands that are thriving to appear and gain points in terms of creativity and presence on the billboards. The AFCON championship has given them a chance to bring out their best ideas along with the special offers just for the CAF championship that can benefit them a lot.


Mall of Egypt:

Majid Al Futtaim’s leading retail facilities Mall of Egypt has never failed us to appear on the roads of Cairo in every occasion and season as expected; appearing with an outdoor campaign to keep their ongoing OOH strategy and join in to support Egypt’s supporters with providing screens and hospitality to watch their team play in the AFCON. The visuals show gradients of red and white colors with supporters cheering, adding Egypt’s flag under them; the ad copy advises “شجع معانا وقلبك معاهم” which translates to “Cheer with us and let your heart be with them”.


Chipsy – Pepsi:

PepsiCo Egypt leading brands Chipsy and Pepsi,the official sponsors of the AFCON, have stunned us with a genius co-branding OOH campaign that brings both of them together in a balanced way which leads to creating a story on the billboards of Cairo. The outdoor campaign has brought football stars, influencers and social media bloggers together; making sure that viewers will connect with the ad, no matter where they are from or how old they are. Dividing the billboards into two parts, the brands keep their branded colors (yellow – blue) on each side of the visuals; Chipsy’s part features former football players Hassan Shehata as well as social media blogger Hesham Afifi, sports analyst Reda Abdel-Al, blogger Ahmed Basyoni with his sidekick Mostafa El Meligy. As for Pepsi, they brought football stars like Mahmoud TrezeguetTarek HamedMahmoud AbdelaatiMahmoud Alaa and Ahmed Hassan. The ad copies of both brands make a great contrast and bringing the true meaning of co-branding on the billboards “Make them taste, love them and cheer for them” with the logos of CAF and the Egyptian Football Association.



Swiss international company Nestle has been shining on the roads with their multi-products since the start of the year; Nestle has decided to promote their chocolate wafer bars Kit-Kat with an OOH campaign, and join in with the rest of the brands in supporting the national team in the CAF, to keep holding onto they built on the billboards of Cairo. The brand protects its identity by using in the visuals their branded red colors, attracting attention on the roads; with an ad copy that states “#التامن_جي” which translates to “The 8th is coming”; as well using their tagline “Have a break, have a Kit Kat”.



Leading French dairy producer Lactel protects their streak of ongoing OOH campaigns, taking the chance to promote on the billboards their multi-flavored milk with all its delicious flavors Clowny and their milk on an OOH campaign, and announcing that they are the local sponsor of the Total 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. Using in the visuals their branded blue backgrounds with faded sketches of symbols of the history of ancient Egypt; making their campaign extra special by bringing the mascot of the AFCON “Tut” free-styling with a football and their products appearing next to him.


Global telecom operator Vodafone holds onto their ongoing OOH strategy, throwing their spotlight on the AFCON and their ambassador the football star Mo Salah with an out-of-home campaign, while also bringing a new plan to their customers “Kart El Botoula” which translates to “The Championship Card”. The visuals show the stadium to the showcase for the Egyptian king and a huge crowd behind him all dressed in red shirts that have an illustrated image of Mo Salah; all spreading their arms and giving the sense of unity on how Egyptians are supposed to be in supporting their national team; as for the ad copy, it gives an inspiring message to viewers “We gathered with love behind our team”.



TE mobile network WE stays on the roads with a promise to their guests and customers and also to join the outdoor race of all the AFCON campaigns, thriving to shine and the roads and gain a spot with their offers and their eye-catching visuals in their OOH campaign. The visuals use the stadium as a background and in the center of the ad they are hosts coming from different backgrounds and wearing different traditional clothes; with a package in hand welcoming the guests to our land. Regarding the ad copy, it gives a promise “They are our guests and they have to be pampered”; as well as mentioning that WE is “The Egyptian sponsor for the Egyptian team”, in addition to the Egyptian Football Association’s logo.



Telecom operator Orange has upgraded their ongoing OOH campaigns after reminding us of the good old days and our victories in the AFCON; the official sponsor of the CAF upgraded with an outdoor campaign, using in the visuals the stadium as a background to be the showcase of former football star and currently a coach Hassan Shehata standing proudly with a smile on his face; the ad copy invites customers to “Subscribe to the African champions’ service with Hassan Shehata”, also informing them  “Win Egypt’s matches tickets”, adding that subscribing will lead them to “Know all the matches analyses and Egypt’s scores expectations in the CAF championship”.

Pizza Hut:

American leading franchise Pizza Hut continues with their unstoppable OOH strategy and their endless surprising offers on the billboards of Cairo; now taking the chance to shine more on the roads with the AFCON with an OOH campaign, bringing pizza lovers a thrilling offer that is a whole meter of fun and pizza; as well as announcing their sponsorship with the CAF. Showing in the visuals a stadium packed with supporters and their huge pizza at the center taking the football pitch’s place; the ad copy informs viewers “Limo” which is the name of the pizza and also stating that it is “Big enough for a whole team”.


American QSR franchise Hardee’s has kept a very busy schedule lately with their ongoing OOH campaigns, launching a campaign after another and sometimes two different campaigns at the same exact time; now taking the chance to win a place in every African’s heart in Egypt right now with an outdoor campaign with their new delicious meal “The Africano Meal” especially for the AFCON. The visuals show orange backgrounds to grab people’s attention and bringing a sense of authenticity with traditional patterns and cloths; as well as showing the meal’s components in the center of the ad. The ad copy invites viewers to “Cheer for Egypt with Hardee’s in your hands”.


Leading global consumer electronics and mobile communications company OPPO ignites the billboard with their stunning mobile device F11 Pro; in order to keep their spot in the OOH market with an outdoor campaign, and to announce that they are the official supporter of the Egyptian national team and the regional sponsor of the CAF championship; while also taking the chance to appear with their rebranded logo for the first time. The visuals use a beautiful blend of dark petrol and blue colors with faded sketches filled with the CAF’s vibes on the right; featuring their mobile device OPPO F11 Pro with an ad copy that informs that everyone including them is “Rising for the goal”; this is also a genius way to reinforce the mobile’s rising camera.



Home appliances leader El Araby Group is back to dazzle with Toshiba just before AFCON 2019 by launching an OOH campaign to promote their huge TV screens to make you enjoy the privilege of watching the matches on a big high definition screen. The different visuals complete each other on white backgrounds and in the middle green football field, while also displaying their 75” TV screen; the ad copy tells viewers that “Africa is bigger than the TV’s”, “See it with Toshiba on television” then it advises them “Be smart with Toshiba”; in addition to offering them another 43” TV screen when they purchase their TV as a gift.



Visa has released a new OOH cross-promotional campaign to offer users the chance of going to the Confederation of Africa Football Champion League 2019The visuals show a white background, along with a picture of Egyptian football fans having fun, highlighting that Visa is the Champion League’s official sponsor. While the ad copy encourages users to “Use Visa” in order to “Live the CAF experience”, adding “CAF Total Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt 2019”. The bottom of the ad is all booked for their cross-promotion partners’ logos, such as Banque MisrCrédit Agricole and National Bank of Egypt.


Men’s perfume brand, ZAK has just released a new outdoor campaign to participate in the billboards festival of the upcoming CAF championship, to introduce themselves to the billboards of Cairo as the official perfume of the Egyptian football fan. The visuals have the beloved football player Hazem Emam wearing a red t-shirt with the word “Egypt” on it in Arabic next to his heart, the background has the stadiums colors, with football fans cheering out loud with much energy and joy. When it comes to the ad copy, ZAK announces that they are “The Egyptian fan’s perfume”. Another visual has a collection of ZAK’s perfumes standing tall and chic on the stadium’s ground with the same ad copy on the right side, in addition to their tagline “The first perfume in a can”.



Egyptian developer OUD has taken the chance not only to promote their residential project AZADIR but also to support Egypt’s national team in the AFCON; using the in visuals dark blue backgrounds and faded sketches of symbols and traditional patterns; with an encouraging ad copy appearing in a rectangle in the center of the ad that can get any viewers fired up “The championship is on our land, and the cup belongs here”, “When our team plays, our cheers will shake the pitch” and “Our team is one of a kind, and the 8th cup is coming”.



Leading and global sportswear brand Adidas has shined on the roads with the football star Mo Salah with ongoing OOH campaigns, taking the ultimate chance to shine with the Egyptian king in time for the AFCON on an out-of-home campaign without having a sponsorship with the CAF. Their visuals use symbols of the ancient Egyptian culture, with a brick wall and sun rays appearing behind Salah who is featuring right in the center of the ad. The ad copy states “100 million strong” written in huge bold fonts in both English and Arabic.

Every brand on the road has gone the extra mile to be remembered in the viewers’ minds and hearts; bringing all their creativity and originality on the billboards of Greater Cairo. Our streets are all covered with the spirits of the AFCON and the beautiful game that brings millions of people together.

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