Following their latest Promotional campaign for TCL last month El Araby Group continues to fill the billboards of Cairo with their ongoing campaigns, this time promoting Tornado, after their Ramadan OOH campaign in May.

The visuals reflect their branded red background, adding to it the brand’s name “Tornado” in a huge white font that creates an eye-catching contrast, in addition to their current slogan “رايح أجيب للبيت تورنيدو" which translates to “I’m getting Tornado for my home”. Another visual with a white background and a red arrow pointing to their mega TV screen, airing the current football matches that refer to the Total AFCON 2019, while the ad copy says “Tornado’s screen”, “Discounts, gifts and surprises”. The bottom space is reserved for the advertiser’s logo, hotline and social media accounts for any further inquiries.

The campaign started running during the first week of July and can be seen on uni-poles and double-decker poles in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Tornado offers “Discounts, gifts and surprises”-00
Tornado offers “Discounts, gifts and surprises”-00

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