After disappearing from the OOH market for half a year since their previous campaign, Finnish multinational telecommunications and consumer electronics company Nokia has launched a new teaser outdoor campaign; tempting us and raising questions on the roads of Cairo.

Using in the visuals white backgrounds and nothing else other than blue squares with question marks that emphasis that Nokia is most probably is going to surprise us with new mobile devices. Regarding the ad copy, it states “Nokia smart phone’s promise is a real promise” which empowers the brand’s positioning in the market; the name of the brand is written vertically on the left side.

The campaign was seen during the first week of July, on a serial of uni-poles, double-decker poles, butterfly triple-decker poles and billboards in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Nokia tempts us with a new teaser OOH campaign-00
Nokia tempts us with a new teaser OOH campaign-00

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