After disappearing from the OOH scene for two years, Egyptian real estate developer Pact thrilled us with a teaser campaign at the beginning of June; it turns out they are promoting their vacation project White Bay in Sidi Heneish.

Using in the visuals the same beautiful and eye-catching gradient colors from their teaser campaign, along with adding a hammock swing, trumpet, palm tree, kayak boat, inflatable flamingo, hot air balloon and finally a smartphone with a house coming out of it which emphasizes that they offer artificial intelligence in their automated houses. Each item in the ads represent something that is explained with the ad copy “Far more” “Wellness”, “Entertaining”, “Natural”, “Beautiful”, “Stress-free”, “Magical” and “Smart”; the logo and location of the project “White Bay” and “Sidi Heneish” appear at the top right corner, as for the bottom space, it is reserved for the developer’s logo and their hotline.

The campaign was seen during the third week of June, on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega signs and billboards in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Pact fills the billboards with “Far more” perfection-00
Pact fills the billboards with “Far more” perfection-00

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