Following their Ramadan outdoor campaign, International brand 7up upgrades their ongoing OOH campaign to do a cross-promotion with the mobile app for food delivery Otlob, offering viewers an easy road to huge discounts with simple steps.

The visuals use 7up’s branded green backgrounds, with a sandwich and a bottle displayed on a yellow circle. The ad copy takes viewers step by step on how to get offers and discounts from Otlob, advising them to scan a code on 7up bottle “Scan, save, eat”. The logos of Otlob and 7up appear at the bottom.

The campaign was spotted during the third week of June, using uni-pole, billboards and double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

“Scan, save, eat” with 7up and Otlob-00
“Scan, save, eat” with 7up and Otlob-00

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