The Egyptian king doesn't only score on the field but also on the billboards of Cairo, Mohamed Salah has gained praise and admiration from all over the world. Not just a great player, but also a great human being who became the world’s sweetheart in no time.

With a net worth of $170 million, 100 million Egyptians and billions of people around the world, Salah’s appearance on the billboards guarantees any brand the exposure they are longing for, in addition to using such an ambassador at the right time for the AFCON hosted in our beloved Egypt.

No need to mention that an impressive, talented and passionate athlete like Mo in an advertisement will add huge value to the brand, advertiser and most importantly to the product itself. Three big different brands have used Salah as their ambassador for their outdoor campaigns taking advantage of the momentum of the fans during the CAF Nation’s Championship to shine bright on the roads of Cairo, which bring us to the a great effect that football players have on the OOH scene since football is the number one sport in Egypt.

He scored three OOH goals for Adidas, Mobil and Vodafone, as one of the most prominent players in our national football team, making sure that their existence on the billboards of Cairo this CAF’s Championship will be on fire.  


Adidas uses the Egyptian king to get “100 million strong”

After becoming their brand ambassador, Adidas is thrilling with Salah to win the hearts of Egyptians, launching an OOH campaign to keep going with their organized outdoor strategy. With its great timing, the multinational Designing and Manufacturing displays the formal writing system used in Ancient Egypt Hieroglyphs as their background, reflecting the Egyptian magic and authenticity with sun rays behind Salah who’s standing there attracting all the attention. Regarding the ad copy, it completes the visuals saying “100 million strong” in both English and Arabic using a big font.

Mobil integrates its brand essence with Salah’s super speed

Moving billions of hearts and moving millions of cars are not much different, this is why the major American Oil and Gas Company Mobil hit it right by using Mo Salah as their ambassador, linking between his well-known speed on the field and how their oil and gas will provide your engine with the power it needs to slay the roads.

Mobil launched their new OOH campaign, using anavy blue background, with the sky and a stadium underneath and Mo’s national team’s t-shirt beside Mobil Super with an ad copy that says "بيحرك ملايين" that translates to “Moves millions”. Another visual introduces their special promotion “a gift t-shirt with every oil barrel”. In addition to an engine oil barrel and a player free-styling with a football, and an ad copy that says “Winning is guaranteed with Mobil Super”, using a CTA that will encourage you to “Buy a Mobil Super barrel and win a new football”.

Vodafone uses Mohamed Salah as their brand booster, joining the OOH scene during the AFCON 

Vodafone Egypt joins the CAF Championship race on the billboards with a new OOH campaign for Vodafone, proceeding with their outdoor strategy to promote “The Champions Cards”.

The visuals include a background with lots of fans and crowds cheering for Egypt displayed on the telecom’s branded red color to form “Team 010”, spreading lots of love by saying “We gathered with love behind our team”. The other visual with the same colored-background using Salah’s face on the Egyptian national football team’s t-shirt and on their Championship Card, while the ad copy also encourages everyone to “Charge and win Salah’s t-shirt, you and your team” adding their slogan on both visuals "اللي جاي أحلى" which translates to “The future is exciting. Ready?”

With the brand booster scoring here and there, Salah remains one of the phenomenal ambassadors that any brand could witness, seeing him on the billboards is joy in itself and every advertiser is smart enough to know that even if his brand is not viewed much, all they need to do is to add the Egyptian king as his brand ambassador. The three brands have used him wisely, knowing the power that lies in their hands when you have someone like him to be on the same visual as your logo, product and most importantly your name.   

The Art & Science of OOH

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