Parallel to their Star Shrimp Meal campaign, American QSR franchise Hardee’s seems to be keeping a very busy schedule with their ongoing OOH campaigns to bring us more and more delicious meals; this time bringing us the Africano Meal especially for AFCON 2019.

The visuals use orange backgrounds that can immediately grab anybody’s attention displaying on it sketches of football and traditional patterns; and on the left side appears a traditional cloth with special patterns, while showing the meal’s mouth-watery components in the center of the ad and its price right above it. As for the ad copy, it introduces the name of the meal “Africano Meal” as it also encourages viewers to “Cheer for Egypt with Hardee’s in your hands”; the bottom space is reserved for the logos of CAF and the brand, as well as the hotline and website to get your meal.

The campaign was spotted during the third week of June, using uni-poles and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

The Africano Meal is here just for the AFCON-00
The Africano Meal is here just for the AFCON-00

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