Following their Ramadan outdoor campaign in May, regional marketplace and one of Amazon’s company has launched a new OOH campaign, keeping their outdoor strategy lit by promoting home appliances this time.

With their familiar template, the visuals use different background colors and a drawing of a home that includes a microwave, a sink, a bedroom and a beanbag with a slogan that says “Get your home all equipped” tempting people with a “50% off”. Another visual with cooking pots, water filters, plates and more, using an ad copy that says “kitchen tools”. Adding some more visuals for the electronics such as air conditioners, refrigerators, fans and dispensers in order to make sure that your home is over the top. The bottom space includes Toshiba, Kenwood and Moulinex as their partners cross promotions.

The campaign started to spread during the second week of June, using billboards, double-decker poles, uni-poles, flags and mega-signs in premium locations across Greater Cairo. will get your home all equipped-00 will get your home all equipped-00

The Art & Science of OOH

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