A new teaser campaign was spotted on the billboards of Cairo, taking multiple locations and taking viewers into a tricky loophole with their statements.

The visuals show different architecture designs of buildings from the inside and outside; the ad copy informs viewers “To life”, “We are coming .. We are capable”, parallel to it the logo of the advertiser appears with a tagline “The market tailors”

The industry of the brand has not been revealed yet; however, stay tuned with us as we cover the campaign reveal.

The campaign was seen during the second week of June, on uni-poles, gates, double-decker poles and mega signs in several locations across Greater Cairo. The campaign was revealed later to uncover the industry and the brand, as GV Group was launching this teaser campaign to brand themselves, warming up for their first project on the OOH market White Sand after changing their name to GV Developments.

A new brand is coming to life with a teaser campaign-00
A new brand is coming to life with a teaser campaign-00

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