After gathering loved ones in Ramadan, global telecom operator Vodafone shifts its focus on the AFCON with an ongoing OOH strategy, bringing you gifts and promotion with its new plan “Kart El Botoula” which translates to “The Championship Card” and featuring our beloved Egyptian king Mohamed Salah.

Appearing in the visuals the brand’s ambassador football star Mo Salah, and behind him a huge crowd all dressed in red shirts that has the star’s illustrated image on it; giving a sense of unity as they are all spreading their arms; this brings us to the ad copy that has message to viewers “We gathered with love behind our team”; with a little flag on the top right corner that says “Team 010”.

In addition to other visuals that have their branded red color in the background, along with the new card that has Salah on it and his t-shirt that Vodafone customers can win. The ad copy advises viewers to “Charge and win Salah’s t-shirt, you and your team”, also giving you a code to dial to get your gift; in both ads appear Vodafone’s slogan “The future is exciting. Ready?”

The campaign was seen during the second week of June, on double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Vodafone brings the championship cards with Mohamed Salah-00
Vodafone brings the championship cards with Mohamed Salah-00

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