With Egypt hosting the AFCON 2019, almost every Egyptian brand is on the roads of Greater Cairo, adapting their industries with the football spirit to seize the opportunity of been seen during this huge event. The following brands are using every inch of creativity they have in order to fit with the season, some went for the different creative concepts; such as the field, the fans and of course the ball, others kept it real by using the right copy that mixes their brand with the occasion. Here are the ones who caught the AFCON’s train.


As one of the national supporters of the CAF Total 2019, leading dairy producer Beyti has launched a new OOH campaign blend in the CAF championship spirit, while promoting for the multi-flavored juices, encouraging you to be a winner with them by smoothing the billboards with their slogan “Get the best out of it”, on a bright-colored visual that fit the energy vibes spreading all over Egypt as the host and design with the football field sidelines on the edges of the ad adding creativity to the billboards.


With cheering everywhere, spreading the fun spirit of the football matches, Coca-Cola has launched a new OOH campaign, announcing being not only one of our national team’s sponsors but also the sponsor of every Egyptian football fan, just in time for the CAF championship as we mentioned before. Designing lots of different visuals using their slogan “No matter how different we appear, we will unify our cheers”. The visuals, of course, have their branded red-background that we love and used to, in addition to football fans holding lots of Coca-Cola cans with the stadium as a background.

Another visual has the players themselves back to back at the stadium and the logo of the brand.  In addition to adding another visual of the fans cheering with great energy while watching the match in red Coca-Cola t-shirts. The last visual has soda legend special promotion just for the CAF season “collect 10 bottle heads and win a football t-shirt”. 


Be amazed because Edita is keeping a busy schedule not only with Molto but also launching a new OOH campaign for Freska as one of our national team’s sponsors, catching up with the round atmosphere of football. Using a bright-colored background with a cool gradient at the center, the visuals have lots of your favorite Egyptian national team stars in a cartoon-like design such as goalkeeper Ahmed El Shenawy with an ad copy that says "The Egyptian national team presents"; “El Shenawy’s Hands” which he will hit the ball with, Mohamed El Neny with a funny ad copy that says “Neny’s eyeballs” in addition to finally Amr Warda with "Warda's neck" and a master ad copy that says “Everybody is a winner”.



Using mouth-drooling visuals with a huge crunchy chicken sandwich that will make you stare at the billboards for a long time, leading QSR franchise KFC has launched a new delicious OOH campaign in order to support the Egyptian national team as their official sponsor. The gigantic sandwich is lying there on a stadium background, under the name of “The player” and a crystal clear special offer during the AFCON time that says “Win a gift when you buy any large compo with Visa”. Another visual on a black background, adding KFC’s logo and the CAF’s logo on the left side of the ad, while the ad copy says “Kentucky chicken will be with you in every stadium”.   


Famous QSR franchise McDonald’s has launched a new outdoor campaign offering their “Cheering meals” with the CAF’s colors in a water-colored background. The visuals have the meal’s price on the right side, along with the franchise’s logo and their hotline at the bottom. As for the ad copy “When the serious time comes, you will cheer with anyone”, encouraging you to order the “Cheer meal” which includes the dreamy golden frize that we adore, with beef sandwiches along with the chicken one and a sunday to sweeten your meal with a large Coca-Cola to help you digest this heaven of carbs while watching the matches at home to add more fun and excitement to your evenings.  


With Golden Boot winner and one of the most valuable football players in the world Mohamed Salah as their ambassador, Mobil has launched a new OOH campaign, linking between how Mobil Super and Salah both “Move millions” as the copy says. While the visuals have a navy blue background as the sky and a stadium underneath with the ambassador in his national team’s shirt with Mobil Super. Another visual introduces their special promotion “A gift t-shirt with every oil barrel”. Another visual with the engine oil barrel and a player’s leg holding a football next to it, with an ad copy that says “Winning is guaranteed with Mobil Super”, using a CTA that will encourage you to “Buy a Mobil super barrel and win a new football”.


Edita has launched a new OOH campaign to promote Molto as one of the AFCON’s sponsors. The campaign is over the top, using lots of celebrities from different fields such as actor Maged El Kedwany, actress and singer Ruby and football player Amr Warda on their branded blue background, while the ad copy fits their special offer, encouraging people to send the code they will find in their Molto’s to a specific number, insisting that “Molto is the real sponsor that will make everybody a winner conqueror”. Having partners cross promotion to get the most out of the services that they can offer during the matches, Molto partnered with Careem, Aman and Otlob.


International telecommunications company Orange has launched a new multi-channel campaign to appear in the AFCON’s scene with all the competing brands out there on the billboards of Cairo. Being the official sponsor of the Egyptian national team, the visuals feature football stars; Tarek Hamed, Mahmoud Trezeguet and Amr Warda mixing between the 70s, 80s and 90s stylesin order to show Egypt’s history in the previous CAFs’. Regarding the ad copy, the promotional campaign offers “X 100 the charge, tickets and t-shirts”, encouraging you to “Cheer and charge the CAF’s card”. Another visual with only Amr Warda holding an old football, with the copy “We are the champion’s owners” mentioning the years that were our golden ones “75,86 and 98”.


With their continues glam, the multinational conglomerate company Samsung kept their ongoing strategy by launching a new OOH campaign to promote their high definition TV screens, encouraging you to purchase their football-friendly screens in order for you to enjoy feeling like you’re down on the field with the players.

With the stadium as a background, the visuals reflect the perfect matches’ atmosphere with an ad copy that says “Live inside the stadium” with “Samsung’s big screens” new "Football TV 2019" and the brand’s logo on the upper left, in addition to their hotline at the bottom. Another visual reflects the benefits of owning a Samsung TV screen, showing football fans watching the match from home, with the ball flying from the TV to their faces as if they’re inside the match themselves.


International Oil and Gas Company Total the title sponsor of the African Cup of Nations and Partner of African Football has launched a new outdoor campaign to announce their sponsorship of the AFCON 2019.  The visuals have a stadium background portraying a robot hitting the ball with all the energy he has, in addition to a number of engine oil barrels at the center of the ad and beside it the iconic Egyptian national team’s t-shirts. As for the ad copy, it informs that “With total quartz… cheer and win Egypt’s matches tickets”. The bottom area has the brand’s logo on the left, along with the CAF’s logo on the right side.

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