Global family-owned conglomerate company Al Mansour Automotive repeats their MG OOH campaign to reassure its existence on the roads of Cairo, just like what they did on their lastest OOH campaign.

Highlighting the car models and an advisor in the middle, the ad copy thrills with “If you knew what’s in it, you’ll get it”. Keeping the brand’s slogan at the top that says “Live the English experience”. Together with MG RX5 and MG ZS, the car dealer keeps promoting “The whole new MG 6”, the compact car portrays the model in red color that makes it shine bright on the roads. The ad copy features the same message as the other ads have the car’s specifications of this model “0-100 km/h in 7 sec”.

Using uni-poles, the campaign was seen during the first week of June in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Al Mansour repeats MG’s latest OOH campaign-00
Al Mansour repeats MG’s latest OOH campaign-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: MG

Advertiser: Al Mansour Automotive

OOH Size: Uni-Pole | Gate

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Country: Egypt

Region: MENA

Tags: MG RX5 | MG ZS | Reposted Campaign

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