After asking everyone “How do you call it?” back in March, global beverages brand Coca-Cola returns with a new rebranding OOH campaign especially to support Egypt’s national team in the upcoming championship, AFCON 2019.

Bringing the stadium atmosphere from different angels in the visuals, from models standing in the fields, to supporters cheering from the stands holding Coca-Cola cans in their hands; the ad copy insists that “No matter how different we appear, we will unify our cheers”, with the brand’s logo appearing on the right and under it “The sponsor of every Egyptian supporter”.

Parallel to it, another visual that shows the new rebranded can, featuring different Egyptian local clubs’ logos, which gives more sense to their message. Another ad copy invites viewers to “Collect 10 covers and win a t-shirt”.

The campaign bloomed during the second week of June, using uni-poles, double-decker and billboards poles in multiple locations across Greater Cairo.

Coca-Cola insists that we unify our cheers-00
Coca-Cola insists that we unify our cheers-00

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