Following their outdoor campaign for Ramadan, AlMarai has released an OOH campaign to promote their smooth yogurt juice YOGO for the summer.

With the heat increasing every day more than the day before, YOGO is using creative visuals to slay the roads with special productions –die cuts- that is displayed on double-decker poles, dividing the background colors into two, the left one has the yellow color and YOGO’s Banoffee flavor, while the right side has the purple color to suit the blueberry muffin flavor. Regarding the ad copy, YOGO is thriving to “flip life upside down” with their different product.

Using double-decker poles, uni-poles and mega-signs, the campaign was launched during the first week of June in several locations across Greater Cairo.

AlMarai presents YOGO’s multi flavors with die cuts-00
AlMarai presents YOGO’s multi flavors with die cuts-00

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