Following their recent campaign for Tornado, leading home appliances expert El Araby proceeds to promote its signed brands with an ongoing OOH strategy, this time bringing TCL to the billboards to reinforce their TVs just before the AFCON 2019; however, there wasn’t anything that connects the campaign with the AFCON except the timing.

The visuals show their LED TVs with a stadium atmosphere in the background; as it also featuring the Brazilian international football star Neymar Jr, looking proud with a TCL shirt. The ad copy informs viewers “Global TOP 2 TV Corporation”, Neymar’s signature appears next to him and the logo of the brand is shown at the top left corner of the ad. The bottom space is reserved for the advertiser’s logo, hotline and website URL for further information.

The campaign was spotted during the first week of June, using uni-poles and double-decker poles and billboards in different locations across Greater Cairo.

El Araby promotes TCL with Neymar Jr.-00
El Araby promotes TCL with Neymar Jr.-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Appliances

Brand: TCL

Advertiser: El Araby Group

OOH Size: Double-decker Pole | Uni-Pole | Billboard | Gate

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: AFCON 2019 | AFCON | CAF | Neymar Jr

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