After promoting Mohamed Ramadan’s first live concert back in March, American QSR franchise Hardee’s returns to the roads with a new OOH campaign to announce their new Star Shrimp Meal and their sponsorship with CAF for AFCON 2019.

Showing in the visuals, the meal delicious components laid on a wooden serving board with an umbrella that gives viewers the summer vibes they are longing for, along with presenting dressing sauces and beverages behind the meal. The ad copy introduces the name of the meal “Star Shrimp Meal”, their message “The closest to the imagination” and the word “New” written in red bold fonts. The logos of CAF and the brand appear at the top right corner, and as for the bottom space, it is booked for their hotline and website URL to order your food.

The campaign started during the first week of June, using uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Hardee’s brings the Star Shrimp Meal to the billboards-00
Hardee’s brings the Star Shrimp Meal to the billboards-00

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