Following their rebranding campaign, leading FMCG Company Edita is back to hit the roads with Molto as one of the national team sponsors for the upcoming AFCON 2019 hosted by our beloved Egypt.

With their branded blue background, the visuals have lots of your favorite silver screen stars, movie actors and national football team players such as actors Maged EL Kedwany and Ahmed Malek, famous actress Ruby along with football player Amr Warda. The ad copy is simple and super relevant, encouraging Molto’s customers to send the code they’ll get inside their Molto to a certain number because “Molto is the real sponsor that will make everybody a winner and a conqueror”, while on other visuals, the ad copy informs that “We will make everybody a winner”, in addition to a visual with the CAF mascot reflecting the spirits of the season. The bottom area includes their partners’ cross-promotion such as Careem, Aman and Otlob.

The campaign was launched during the first week of June, using double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Molto “Will make everybody a winner” just for the AFCON-00
Molto “Will make everybody a winner” just for the AFCON-00

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