Real estate developer Home Town Developer has launched a new OOH campaign to promote their first commercial, administrative business complex Zaha Park, announcing the launching of their Mall in NAC

Named after the late Iraqi-British architect, Dame Zaha Hadid; the developer chose the parametric design for their project to represent the futuristic look, presenting the concept of the NAC. Using 3D shots and a background that mixes their branded colors together to be the showcase for “The biggest mall in New Capital”, adding that it’s a mixed-use project “Commercial - administrative - medical”. The bottom area is booked for engineering consultant Sabbour’s Consulting logo, along with the developer’s, in addition to their hotline and website for any further inquiries. Another visual with the same design and a different ad copy that says “Unlimited opportunities” encouraging you to spend some time at the new mall.

Launched during the first week of June, the campaign can be seen on double-decker poles and mega-signs, billboards and extensions in different locations across Greater Cairo. 

ZAHA Park presents “The biggest mall in NAC”-00
ZAHA Park presents “The biggest mall in NAC”-00

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