After advising viewers to “get the best out of it” last March, leading Egyptian dairy and juice producer Beyti returns with a new OOH campaign just in time for CAF Confederation Cup, promoting their multi-flavored juices, announcing that they are sponsoring Egypt's national team and offering you to be a winner with them.

The visuals show their usual colorful backgrounds, featuring their products in the middle; however, this time it is designed with football field sidelines on the edges of the ad, to fit with the event and their promotions. The ad copy shows their slogan “Get the best out of it” as it also advises viewers to “Collect 10 ... Win prizes with the signature of Egypt’s national team” and then it reassures that “Everybody is a winner”; the logo of CAF appears on the right side with Beyti’s logo next to it.

The campaign surfaced on the billboards during the first week of June, using uni-poles, double-decker poles and billboards in various locations across Greater Cairo.

“Get the best out of it” with Beyti and win lots of prizes-00
“Get the best out of it” with Beyti and win lots of prizes-00

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