After launching their iPhone XS and XS Max in Christmas time then upgrading and extending the same campaign later in December, technology tycoon Apple Inc has launched a new OOH campaign, encouraging you to purchase the phone with special payment conditions.

Shinning with high-tech, the visuals have a white background with a contrast created by the black edgy iPhone, while the ad copy says “Find balance this season with iPhone”, and “Pay over 18 months with 0% interest”, giving you the chance of being an iPhone owner without having to pay much money at a time.

Another visual with the same ad copy shows how the back of the iPhone has trasperancy that can reflect the scene perfectly as if it’s a portrayed picture. The bottom space is booked for their partners cross promotion Switch Plus, Tradeline, CIB, NBE, QNB, and ValU.

The campaign appeared during the first week of June, on double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Pay over 18 months and find your balance with iPhone XS-00
Pay over 18 months and find your balance with iPhone XS-00

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