Nestlé seems to be keeping a busy schedule promoting all their brands, with the rise of temperature and summer heat, leading ice cream company Mega finally returns to the outdoor market with a rebranding OOH campaign to introduce their new design, flavors and sizes.

Showing in the visuals a white icy background to be the showcase for the ice cream; the ad shows the rebranded packaging with coffee beans laid around it. The ad copy encourages viewers to “Try the new size of coffee flavored Mega”. Parallel to it, an ad that shows the white chocolate Mega ice cream displayed on off-white backgrounds; the ad copy stresses on “New design, the best taste as always”, as well as showing their famous slogan “#انا_وميجا_وبس” which translates to “Only me and Mega”.  

The campaign was spotted freezing the roads during the first week of June, with a special production -die-cut-, adding much glam to the campaign, in addition to using uni-poles and double-decker poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Mega frosts the roads with their new design-00
Mega frosts the roads with their new design-00

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