Following their latest Ramadan OOH campaign, automotive dealer GB Gabbour Auto continues with their ongoing outdoor strategy, promoting the South Korean brand Hyundai to show you a group of the latest editions of their on-fire car models.

The visuals reflect execlusivity and edgeness, showcasing different car models with the same ad design. They Introduce their compact crossover SUV Hyundai Tuscon, that is especially redesigned for 2019, with its clean lines, sleek design and bunch of new features in grey color, while the ad copy is simple and catchy, informing people that “Hyundai” is “The most beloved brand”.

 Another visual shows Hyundai Australia’s subcompact car Hyundai Accent 2019 in a dreamy navy blue color that will shine on the roads. In addition, Hyundai Elantra is laying there, smarter and bolder than ever with a stunning exterior redesign and impressive new tech and safety advances. The bottom space is reserved for the advertiser’s logo, hotline, in addition to their oil and gas sponsor Shell Helix.

The campaign surfaced during the first week of June, on double-decker poles and uni-poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Hyundai Egypt keeps slaying with their 2019 car models-00
Hyundai Egypt keeps slaying with their 2019 car models-00

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