After a year and a half of absence since their 3 in 1 outdoor campaign, NESCAFÉ Egypt is back on the billboards of Cairo this Eid to bring joy by spreading their caffeine, that was not there much during Ramadan.

With their coffee-like iconic background and their popular red mug, the visuals are straight forward to the point, saying what we all wanted to say over 30 days of Ramadan, “#We have_ missed_you_darling” and off course by “darling” we mean our beloved coffee, next to it a couple of Eid cookies that strangely matches Nescafe’s blend well.

The campaign appeared during the first week of June, uni-poles, double-decker poles and t-poles in premium locations across Greater Cairo.

NESCAFÉ knows how much you missed them in Ramadan-00
NESCAFÉ knows how much you missed them in Ramadan-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Food & Beverages


Advertiser: Nestlé Egypt

OOH Size: Double-decker Pole | Gate | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Eid al-Fitr Campaign

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