Following their latest summer collection campaign release last month, the Egyptian-Emirati footwear brand dejavu continues with their ongoing OOH strategy, spreading their summer elegance on the roads of Cairo with a new outdoor campaign, just like last year’s.

The visuals have a white background with the word “dejavu” in a huge font in black making a great contrast, while the bottom of the ad has their website URL for more shoe browsing. In parallel to, the visuals show a cute high-heel summer shoe with a matching elegant bag, encouraging you to purchase a new pair with a chic bag for this Eid’s outfit. Another visual has elegant and pretty young ladies in chic head-to-toe outfits that are shinning because of dejavu’s shoes and bag.

The campaign appeared on the roads during the fourth week of May, using uni-poles and billboards on various locations across Greater Cairo.

dejavu continues to dazzle for the summer-00
dejavu continues to dazzle for the summer-00

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