After 6 months of billboard absence since their latest OOH campaign, Dawi clinics has hit the roads with a new outdoor campaign, offering you the easiest way to get the best medical treatment.

The multiple visuals have cool backgrounds in different colors, along with their eye-catchy logo and hotline at the bottom for you to call and get a doctor appointment just with a call. The copy stands out on the billboards, explaining that you can choose between “100 doctors with the highest medical level”, and an average waiting time of “10 Minutes”, in addition to a “20 Minutes of explaining what’s wrong with you” to the finest doctors in town in “7 different clinics owned by Dawi and will expand even more”, offering the best service in “365 days”.

The campaign bloomed during the first week of June, uni-poles, and billboards in several locations across Greater Cairo.

100 doctors at 7 clinics and over 365 days by Dawi-00
100 doctors at 7 clinics and over 365 days by Dawi-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Healthcare

Brand: Dawi Clinics

OOH Size: Gate | T-pole | Uni-Pole | Billboard

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Medical Services

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