With the arrival of Ramadan, people start to look for places to hangout or have their iftar or sohour at. Since Ramadan is the best time of the year to gather with loved ones; lots of places have prepared for us tents filled with the warm vibes of this month, entertaining shows and activities.

Real estate developers have gone far to make their residents happy and entertained during Ramadan.

Palm Hills Developments appeared on the OOH market to deliver a message to viewers with an ad copy that says “Wishing you a Ramadan filled with generosity”, “Ramadan nights” lies at the bottom, along with the location “Palm Hills Club”. The visuals use a white background, and feature real life shots of people having fun together and a picture of the beautiful setting there.

Another real estate developer graced us with their presence on the billboards, Pioneers Real Estate (PRE) have launched an OOH campaign to announce their entertaining Ramadan nights. They are calling it “Ramadan Residence” as it is located in their residential project “Stone Residence”. The visuals use a brownish background and each ad features a singer and the date they will be preforming. The singers included in the ad are Ragheb Alama, Mustafa Hagag, Mahmoud El Esseily and Wael Jassar. The ad copy informs viewers with the whole thing “Ramadan Residence brought to you by Stone Residence”.

Among the Ramadan tents that are located at hotels; real estate developer Capital Group Properties gets in the festive mood and announces their Ramadan tent Antica at Cairo Marriott Hotel. The visuals play on the nostalgic part, with a gramophone and vinyl that goes perfectly with the name “Antica”. The ad copy informs us with the name of the tent and its location, the logo of the advertiser appears at the top left corner and the list of sponsors appear at the bottom with the hotline for more information.

Real estate developer Kuwadico has appeared to announce their Ramadan tent at Grand Heights in 6th of October. The visuals use a simple patterned black and gold background, in the middle of it a lantern is displayed and it contains the ad copy that tells viewers “Khemet Layaly Zayed” which translated to “Zayed night’s tent”, and a Ramadan wish is written under it. The sponsors and the hotline appear at the bottom.

Al Guezira Real Estate Development has lightened the billboards with a tent for Ramadan at their residential project Al Guezira Plaza in Sheikh Zayed City. The visuals show a pretty lit lantern with Islamic patterns and attractive colors shining from it; the ad copy introduces “Sehraya”, “Memorable nights at al guezira plaza” and the list of sponsors appears at the bottom.

Shopping malls never failed to entertain us, each shopping mall was looking to thrive in their own way.

Al Futtaim Group has appeared on the billboards to celebrate Ramadan in Cairo Festival City Mall this year. Bringing us “El Khema” which translates to “The tent”, with visuals that display a dark setting and old buildings; the ad copy says “El Khema” as well as “Our beautiful gathering”, the logo of Vodafone their partner sponsor appear at the top left corner. Parallel to it another mega sign that introduces “30 day and night” written in beautiful Arabic calligraphy as it also invites viewers to “Enjoy Ramadan in Cairo Festival City Mall”, the visuals are decorated with Islamic patterns and lanterns for Ramadan.

Majid Al Futtaim also appeared on the billboards to invite viewers to spend Ramadan nights at Mall of Egypt. Keeping their simple and eye catching designed visuals, they use blue skies with floating bendir, crescent moons, and Islamic patterned grounds, the ad copy informs viewers “Ramadan gathering is with us” under it “Ramadan nights”.

Another shopping mall arose with a new OOH campaign to promote their own special Ramadan nights with a variety of singers such as Mohamed Fouad, Ramy Sabry, Boussy, Mohamed Adaweya and many more; Galleria40 has announced 3atawla, using in the visuals a backgammon and an ad copy that inviting viewers “3atawla, your sohour in Ramadan” written in golden Arabic calligraphy, and under it the logo of the advertiser appears.

The well-known interior & Furniture mall Furniture Trend has appeared on the billboards to announce their special Ramadan nights. The visuals use a trendy pastel colored background similar to their usual campaigns which preserves the brand’s identity, they also show colorful ornaments around the word “Ramadan Nights”. The ad copy informs that they have brought to you restaurants and cafes to hang out in, also keeping your kids entertained in Happy Land amusement park.

The shopping mall Majarrah joins with an OOH campaign to promote their brand and the Ramadan nights they prepare for everyone. Using in the visuals dark blue skies, traditional Ramadan cloth at the top right and ornaments hanging from the top and in the middle a Ramadan cannon that fires a crescent moon. The ad copy wishes viewers “Ramadan Kareem” and on the other side it shows the logo of the advertiser.

Sporting clubs has joined the race, reserving a spot and inviting people to join them in their Ramadan tents this year.

Petrosport Company shined on the roads with a new OOH campaign to announce El 7ara tent at Sky Executive Resort. The visuals show a picture of an old city’s tight street, along with Ramadan’s decorations. The ad copy introduces it and says “30 days .. With the stars”, bringing a variety of singers to entertain you; also announcing that it is “Now in the 5th Settlement”, showing several huge sponsors at the bottom.

The armed forced officers club jumps on the OOH train to announce Samara’s Tent. The visuals use a red background with patterns appearing on the sides, plain and simple but eye catching. The ad copy says “Samara’s Tent” written in attractive calligraphy that can grab the viewers’ eyes easily. Their social media accounts and number appear at the bottom space.

Another OOH campaign was spotted, The Merryland Nights return this Ramadan catered by Hilton; the visuals use plain and simple black backgrounds, Islamic patterned circles and crescent moon that give a fancy feelings to it along with bringing viewers Ramadan vibes. The ad copy introduces the name of the tent “The Merryland Nights” written in both Arabic and Franco-Arabic in large fonts.

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