Non-profit organization Flashlight Association has upgraded its previous fund-raising campaign, encouraging people to share and give.

As the habit goes, non-profit organizations hit the max of their energy levels during Ramadan, Flashlight’s copy and visuals rely on Egyptian generosity in the month of giving, the visuals are a bit similar to their previous campaign, with a navy blue background and the association’s name and logo, highlighting that they spent “15 years doing good deeds”. In similarity, another visual include an old lady in a poor village in El Minya, one of Egypt’s governments, and a copy that says “Your Zakat is with us in the shelter and cover campaign” in order to “Build a house in El Minya”. The bottom space is reserved for their contact information in order to call and donate, in addition to the banks to donate at such as CIB, NBE and Ahli United Bank.

The campaign was upgraded during the first week of May, using double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

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