As Ramadan is halfway through, the competition between certain industries is on fire and in order to grab people’s attention, the operators will have to be special, relevant and creative.

30 days and nearly 74 out-of-home campaign that is expecting to grow even bigger is a lot to take. Therefore, the telecommunication industry has thrived trying to steal the throne from their other opponents like broadcast media, NGOs and Food and Beverages.

Our four competitors are going tit for tat as usual, using nearly the same strategy but with different segmentation, going for the “musicals” on their multi-channel campaign which explains the appearance of a variety of your favorite singers on the billboards of Cairo.


Following their last year’s footstep by doing a musical ad once again, Etisalat Misr has recently launched a new OOH campaign just in time for Ramadan, using their brand ambassador since  2017 Mohamed Ramadan. The campaign was upgraded on the first few days of Ramadan to reveal that Van Damme has jumped on the OOH train which made the first campaign more like a pre-campaign. The whole battle of the muscles combo is considered a brave step, adding one of the biggest action names on our beloved billboards of Cairo, at the same time we are wondering why they used the same campaign you used before Ramadan!

In similarity, their 2018 Ramadan campaign included the same ambassador along with a group of well-known celebrities such as Mohamed Ramadan, Shereen Reda and Ali El Hagar. On the contrary, their last year's strategy was mainly about the sarcastic fun tone, while this year’s theme is all about strength, embracing their slogan “The most powerful card in Egypt”.

As for the visuals, both campaigns featured their green branded color and special promotion to give generously for Ramadan, but last year’s campaign reflected the holy month’s spirit a little bit more than this year’s.


Orange’s strategy is to spread good manners, following the sharing theme just like in their 2018 campaign, featuring a group of singers that represented 80% of the ad, while the rest were actors and football player such as  Donia Samir Ghanem,  Dhafer L'Abidine and Hossam Ghaly. Orange is repeating the same strategy by launching a new  OOH campaign for Ramadan 2019, with a more focused segmentation this time, targeting young people. Using Tamer Hosney and Nancy Ajram made the billboards of Cairo more eye-catchy for young people, adding the lovely humane slogan “Small gestures make big difference”, while 2018’s theme was getting closer with your neighbors and the ones around you, accepting their flaws and share with them.

The only difference between the two campaigns that the 2019’s had zero Ramadan wishes or mentions. While in both last year’s and this year’s campaign, the French telecommunication company offered a special promotion especially for Ramadan. Moreover, in 2018, the visuals of the campaign definitely had their Orange branded colors with a collage split into three rectangles to include different celebrities, while in this year’s campaign the focus is only on the two singers reflecting youth on the roads.


This telecommunications company is a trend follower all the way. In Ramadan 2018, they jumped on the roads with a multi-channel campaign that used the trend of the World Cup, bringing movies stars and silver screen celebrities along with football players altogether.

Unlike Orange, this Ramadan Vodafone is targeting a much senior segment by following the nostalgic trend with a new OOH campaign, including their repetitive celebrity couples appearance, such as Kenda Alloush and Amr Youssef in 2018 and Amr Diab and Dina El Sherbiny in Ramadan 2019. This year’s campaign is enforcing us to share during Ramadan, not to share money, but moments, gatherings and a good old company which perfectly fits their slogan “Gather your loved ones” using the same concept as last year's “We are all gathered with them to face what’s next” referring to the World Cup journey of 2018.

Regarding the visuals, Vodafone has used nearly the same designs but with different brand ambassadors, however, this year’s campaign is more and more about Ramadan, unlike last year’s when all Egyptians were thinking about is Egypt joining the World Cup after many years of absence.


Swimming against the current, Telecom Egypt’s “WE” is the only communication operator launching two different multi-channel campaigns, including the outdoor ad. In their 2018 campaign, WE combined celebrities with the popular musical appeal which was reflected on the billboards of Cairo. Going after the same theme that Vodafone went for, World Cup, the campaign featured their long term brand ambassador Karim Abdel Aziz along with Ahmed Ezz with their slogan “We will deliver your voice to Russia”. In addition, they also did a sequel before Ramadan for the biggest football event that continued during Ramadan. This Ramadan, WE is using the same brand ambassador Karim Abdel Aziz, along with their new brand ambassador Maged El Kedwany shooting for a special promotion campaign on a tropical background that perfectly fits the hot weather of May.

WE’s second campaign can be mistaken for an NGO’s; paying their due to society during the month of generosity, they decided to financially handle kid’s cochlear implant operations, with a relevant emotional slogan “WE will hear you, and you will hear us”.

It’s worth to be mentioned that neither of the two campaigns included any Ramadan wishes, artwork or even a hint.  

To sum it up for you, this year’s telecommunications OOH campaign is all about stars. As for their strategy; some went bravely, some went differently, some went for right segments and another forgot to add some Ramadan vibes.

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