After promoting their “Konoz” box for the Mawlid, Egyptian bakery franchise Étoile patisserie returns with a new OOH campaign especially for Ramadan to announce their new Kunafa with coffee, cola and more.

The visuals feature comedian and radio presenter Khaled Eleish the brand’s ambassador standing in front of a theatrical background, wearing a golden suit and holding a delicious Kunafa plate. The ad copy tells viewers “With Étoile, stick with Kunafa”. Parallel to it another ad that only features a yummy Kunafa plate and an ad copy that introduces to viewers what is displayed “Kunafa with cola” “Kunafa with coffee” and so on. 

Starting during the first week of May, the campaign appeared on uni-poles and double-decker poles in different locations across Greater Cairo.

Étoile brings you kunafa with Khaled Eleish-00
Étoile brings you kunafa with Khaled Eleish-00

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