With Ramadan’s arrival, the sudden change that happened on the roads of Greater Cairo was noticed and expected. Broadcast media TV networks have spiced up and filled the billboards with new exciting shows that they are currently airing.

Each channel is thriving and aiming to appear more than the other; while also keeping in mind to meet their viewers' expectations and provide them with the quality they are looking for. We did not notice lots of creativity this year, especially because advertising for series and programs is all about presenting the antagonist with the name of the program; however, what really matters is how they introduce them and how they can play with colors that can attract viewers.

The seven competitive broadcast media channels have all appeared approximately at the same time; promising us exclusive shows and lighting up the street with our favorite celebrities.


ON TV has completely changed their strategy in this year campaign, after making our eyes get used to the bright colors, such as the yellow that they were using as the theme color for a year and in the first quarter of 2019. ON TV just surprised us and went for the royal blue, a comfortable color that we are used to seeing during the holy month. This might be confusing to some viewers as they are used to certain visuals from them; however, this does not change the fact that they are standing out on the billboards with lots of exciting, awaited shows and plenty of your favorite stars like Amir Karara, Mustafa Shaban, Hani Salama, Mohamed Ragab, Yasmine Sabri and Mostafa Khater.


dmc has shined brightly in last year’s Ramadan campaign, becoming the broadcast media channel with most ad faces on the roads of Greater Cairo. The visuals that are used in this year’s campaign made them pop-out and be special along with the fact that they are still holding branding ethics by not changing colors. The use of gradient colors is very eye-catching, on top of that they beautifully introduced this year’s stars such as Mohamed Ramadan, Yasmine Sabri, Mohamed Ragab, Hamada Helal and Ahmad Fahmy with a halo, filled with Ramadan’s vibes. Last year’s campaign was a huge success, using traditional and simple visuals.

AlHayah TV

The new strategy of AlHayah TV this year is completely different than last year’s; the visuals that they used in Ramadan’s previous campaign were glimmering with lights, bringing us all the positive and warm vibes that are felt when we see the holy month’s special decoration. However, they kept their branded bright red color this year holding their brand identity; they were fulfilled with the Ramadan calligraphy at the bottom right, keeping it plain and simple. Nevertheless, they have definitely brought our favorite stars like Yasmin Abdel Aziz, Mohamed Ragab, Mohamed Emam, Mostafa Khater and Mai Ezz Eldin.


CBC is one of the channels that kept their identity while promoting this year’s series. The visuals that were used are not so different from the ones of last year; reserving their branded purple color with the elegant golden fine lines, the only change that has been done is the positioning of the stars' pictures. As expected, CBC meets their viewers' expectations, that is why they always tend to entertain them with huge stars every year. This year’s campaign features Yasmine Sabri, Mostafa Khater, Yasser Galal, Mohamed Ragab, Donia Samir Ghanem and Amr Saad. Their campaign has really grown during the first week of May, using special and fancy die-cuts which have helped them to stand out on the roads of Cairo.

MBC Masr

MBC Masr has adapted the same successful strategy as last year, keeping the channel’s identity and making sure that viewers receive the Ramadan vibes. During their previous campaign, they used a Ramadan theme background with the celebrities in the middle. This year’s campaign has similar visuals, the only difference is the use of traditional patterns instead of geometrical shapes; bringing viewers a mix of comedy, drama and thrilling series and shows that feature the superstar Ahmed El Saka, Ali Rabee, Dina El Sherbiny, Aytin Amer, Mohamed Mamdouh, and a lot more.

Al Nahar

This broadcast media TV network has kept the successful strategy of last year, Al Nahar has returned this year to advertise and promote their shows using the same traditional cloth they previously used, this cloth is for events and it is called "Khayamiya" in Arabic, while also keeping their branded blue color. Al Nahar has featured the famous Egyptian couple Hassan Al Haddad and Amy Samir Ghanem just like they did last year; however, this has they have separate series; moving on from that, they are also airing series and shows that include big names in the market like Hany Adel and Sherry Adel.

Al Kahera Wal Nas

The popular TV channel Al Kahera Wal Nas which is owned by TNG (Tarek Nour Group), returns this year to celebrate its 10 years anniversary during Ramadan. The visuals that they used have colorful backgrounds that attract viewers attention; however, they only focused on celebrating the anniversary but did not do anything else related to Ramadan, except featuring Ramadan stars such as Ghada Abdel Razek, Hassan El Raddad and TV host Basma Wahba.

To sum it up, the competition between those seven channels is fierce and tough. Each TV network is fighting to be on the top and to get more viewers while also keeping their loyal ones. As it gets harder each year, some of them have flourished while others could have topped up their game.

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