Following their last campaign back in April, telecom operator Vodafone continues with their outdoor strategy by launching a new OOH campaign for Ramadan, just like they did in  2018.

The multichannel campaign spreads nostalgia by reminding everyone not to forget where they come from and “Gather all your loved ones”, “Let’s get close” as the ad copy informs on their outdoor message. The visuals include lots of your favorite stars having the time of their lives, starring Amr Diab, Dina El Sherbiny, Sawsan Badr, Reham Abd El Ghafour, Ahmed Fahmi and more, to prove that “The future is exciting” questioning every one if they are “Ready?”. Another visual includes only Amr Diab surrounded by Vodafone's iconic logo with the same message.

The campaign started to spread happiness on the roads around the first week of May, using uni-poles, double-decker poles, billboards and t-poles in several locations across Greater Cairo.

“Gather all your loved ones” with Vodafone-00
“Gather all your loved ones” with Vodafone-00

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