After promoting the new Galaxy A Series last month, the South Korean multinational company Samsung stays on the billboards to promote the whole new Galaxy A70 with an ongoing OOH strategy, bringing you gifts and celebrating Ramadan.

The visuals use a white background, displaying the phone in the middle to show its fleek and elegant design, along with a power bank wrapped in a red ribbon and the word “Gift” is written on it. The ad copy attracts viewers to “Buy the whole new A70 and get a free power bank 10,000mAh”; as for the bottom space, the device exciting specifications and hotline appear there.

The other ad promotes the same device but with Ramadan spirit. The visuals also use a white background to be the show-case of the phone and celebrities like Yosra El Lozy, Dorra Zarrouk and Aly Mazhar. Each ad features one of the stars with a different message; and each message stresses on the exciting features of the model, “The series are better in Ramadan”, “Staying up late is better in Ramadan” and “Sports are better in Ramadan”

Starting during the first week of May, the campaign has spread on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega signs, billboards and serials in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Celebrities discover what’s better in Ramadan via Samsung A70-00
Celebrities discover what’s better in Ramadan via Samsung A70-00

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