French dairy producer Lactails International is back on the roads with a new OOH campaign to catch up with Ramadan’s season, promoting Lactel’s yogurt.

With their branded blue background, the ad portrays Greece’s classic buildings with whitewashed walls and blue rooftops to suit the ad copy, which promotes their large size “Greek yogurt”, that is known to be healthier and more rich with calcium than regular yogurt.

In similarity, another ad with the same visuals and a smaller yogurt cup says “Lactel yogurt” promoting their natural yogurt, adding their tagline “The good taste of health”.

The campaign started on the first week of May, and can be seen on uni-poles, double-decker poles, and Billboards in several locations across Greater Cairo.

Lactel will get you back in shape-00
Lactel will get you back in shape-00

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