Inspired with Ramadan’s arrival, the dairy production company Danone shifts its promotion from Danette yoghurt and flavored milk to announce Danone’s new flavors with an OOH campaign just like they did last Ramadan.

The displayed visuals on the ad are in Ramadan’s theme, using in the background gradient purple sky, under it the city of Cairo, the new three flavors in the middle which are subia, dates and figs, while decorating the frame with lights. The ad copy holds the brand’s slogan but it is adjusted to fit with the theme “The original taste for Ramadan”, and the word “New” lies on the top left space. 

Starting during the first week of May, the campaign is seen on uni-poles, mega signs in various locations across Greater Cairo.

Danone is bringing us new Ramadan flavors-00
Danone is bringing us new Ramadan flavors-00

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