Non-profit organization Egyptian Food Bank returns to the billboards of Cairo with a new OOH campaign, calling people to give and donate for the “Ramadan's Iftar Program” just like they did in their last Ramadan’s campaign

With their branded green background and familiar logo, the visuals tend to reflect the giveaway spirit that we have to embrace during the holy month. The ad copy shows their famous tagline معًا للقضاء على الجوع which translates to “Together to end hunger” along with their 2019 slogan رمضان في الأساس شهر الأحساس بالناس that means“ Ramadan’s core is to feel the poor”. 

In parallel, another ad copy with their well-known Ramadan box says “participate with us in order to reach for 3 million fastings per day”, ”Ramadan's iftar program”, adding their Ramadan box, iftar and sohour’s prices. The bottom area includes the organization’s bank account number for donations and their hotline for any further inquiries. 

The campaign bloomed during the first week of May across Greater Cairo, using uni-poles and double-decker poles. 

Egyptian Food Bank continues to give in Ramadan-00
Egyptian Food Bank continues to give in Ramadan-00

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