With Ramadan around the corner, the Egyptian TV network  Al Nahar has launched a new OOH campaign, to unveil the names of their awaited series and stars.

The visuals show Al Nahar’s well-known branded blue background, along with each star’s picture highlighted with their names and the channel’s logo, in addition to their slogan “Our Channel is our strength”.

The network repeats collaboration with the famous couple Hassan Al Raddad and Amy Samir Ghanim, after their previous Ramadan campaign for Azmy & Ashgan Series back in 2018, but this time each star got a solo series, In addition to a group of your favorite TV stars such as Hany Adel and Sherry Adel.

The campaign started spreading across the roads of Greater Cairo during the first week of May, using uni-poles, flags, and serials.

Al Nahar spices it up for Ramadan-00
Al Nahar spices it up for Ramadan-00

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