Mobile manufacturer OPPO has upgraded their OOH campaign from June to reveal the new F3 Black Edition, a special limited-edition phone worth of arachnid superhero Spiderman.

Following the release of the much-awaited action movie, OPPO has taken to the streets and roads of Egypt with impressive artwork and large-format die-cuts that will amaze viewers across the country.

The upgraded strategy keeps the brand’s iconic branding zones on October Bridge and the Ring Road, as well as the serials of Salah Salem, while extending their outdoor presence on the highest trafficked roads to advertise the launch of their new limited Black Edition and the sponsorship of the superhero movie “Spiderman: Homecoming”.

With an integration of both phone editions, the ads showcase the two smartphone models along with special artwork for the new Spiderman movie. An impressive bridge on the Cairo-Alexandrian Desert Road greets viewers as they head towards the North Coast with astonishing lights that will web the audience in!

Stay tuned to learn more about this new campaign from OPPO and the reach of their upgraded outdoor strategy.

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