Car dealer Al Mansour Automotive proceeds with their ongoing OOH strategy, showing the variety of signed brands and maintaining their position in the market. Parallel to the ongoing Peugeot campaign, Al Mansour releases a new OOH campaign, promoting different car models from MG.

After releasing a campaign last March to promote MG RX5 & MG ZS, the advertiser presents new visuals and messages; featuring the car models and an advisor in the middle, the ad copy tells viewers “لو عرفت اللي فيها هتشتريها” which means “If you knew what’s in it, you’ll get it”. Keeping the brand’s slogan at the top “عيش التجربة الإنجليزية” which translates to “Live the English experience”.

Together with MG RX5 and MG ZS, Al Mansour introduces “The whole new MG 6”, the compact car is presented in bright racing red color that helps it to stand out on the billboards. The ad copy features the same message as the other ads; however, it adds the thrilling specifications of this model “0-100 km/h in 7 sec”.  

 Starting during the first week of April, the campaign appeared on uni-poles, double-decker poles, mega signs and billboards on various locations across Greater Cairo

Tighten your seat belts for the new MG models-00
Tighten your seat belts for the new MG models-00

Campaign Credits

Industry: Automotive

Brand: MG

Advertiser: Al Mansour Automotive

OOH Size: Billboard | Double-decker Pole | Gate | Mega-Sign | Uni-Pole

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Country: Egypt

Region: MENA

Tags: Campaign Upgrade | MG RX5 | MG ZS | MG 6

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